Monday, March 4, 2013


Feedback is good. After a month of rapid-fire blog blasting I'm taking to heart some welcome advice on this practice of turning thoughts public, by narrowing my focus and getting just a bit more serious about about what gets published. There's good reasons to write everyday, but what makes a blog interesting is not so much about stream-of-consciousness flexing and more about crafting with intention. I started out with that idea, but sort of fell by the way of becoming more emotionally attached to the process, rather than being solidly in love with the final offering. In the end, I think breathing new perspective into our collective story is far more interesting for both me and the reader. So, thanks for the feedback, and welcome (again) to The Interlock Flow.

Which, by the way, is a blog about creativity. Indeed, the whole idea behind what it means to find this "interlocking flow" business is to explore that sweet spot of creative output, where who a person is meets the context allowing for the fullest possible expression of mind, body and spirit. It could be writing, painting, business, science, athletics….whatever inspires to create something beautiful as an offering of the heart. I'll routinely celebrate those whom I admire in this universal endeavor to create, in all their many shapes and forms. I'll also be talking a lot about my own creative process, with the hopes of sharing something worthy of the precious time we all seem to have a problem getting enough of these days.

The discipline of birthing novel ideas is a love letter to the heart. And in return, the spirit stays young and fertile, always open to new possibilities, and therefore, new potential futures. Nothing could be more exciting for the evolutionary soul, whose journey plans no destination, but rather a merging with limitless flow. I hope to honor this intention with words that settle in as nothing less than poems to the creative source.

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